Cloud backup refers to backing up your data to any number of available cloud services.  Using cloud services is a form of network backup except the computer is located across the internet and maintained by the provider of the service. These include sites like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and many more. This type of backup has become popular because the storage is easily accessible and the storage amount can be increased easily. In addition, when you use cloud backup your backed up data is stored off site.


iDrive is a full-featured backup program that has a number of useful options. To begin with it has clients available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. That means you can back up your valuable data from PC’s, Mac’s, your Android phone, your iPad, and your iPhone. iDrive gives you 5 gigabytes of free storage to begin with and then you can purchase more as needed. Using their web-based console you can manage multiple computers and even sync the files and folders in real time.

iDrive makes it easy to manage all of your backups and restores even on remote computers. iDrive also lets you perform sector-level backup or file-level backup so you have the ability to restore your entire computer to its original state in case of a system crash. In addition, you can store files using 256-bit AES encryption using a key that you define. The key is never stored anywhere on the servers.

iDrive can retain up to 30 previous versions of all files backed up to your account. You can do incremental and differential backup. Use compression and save time and disk space. In addition, you can access files you backed up from you PC on your iPhone or Android phone. This is a handy feature for people on the go. Grab the file you need for a presentation right from your mobile device. You can search data and restore files from the desktop application using any Web browser you have available. Lastly, no data is ever removed from iDrive until you manually delete or utilize the Archive Cleanup function.